KET Virtual Physics Labs

Welcome!  We offer downloadable KET Virtual Physics Labs for teachers and students to use however they see fit.  These labs are virtual, but we’ve tried our best to make them mimic the real equipment as much as possible, while also adding improvements and some bonuses that would otherwise be impossible in a real lab setting.  Many people choose to use the VPL for in-class demonstrations, for pre-lab work, for studying, or for total lab replacement – especially with online or distance learning classes.  They are currently used in many universities, colleges, and high schools all around the world.

You can purchase our labs individually or in discounted bundles. Teachers can purchase licenses for all their students, or they can have students purchase the labs for themselves. Our labs come with suggested lab activities and instructional guides on how to use them.  And you can always create your own lab assignments to use with your class, or just use the labs free-form for studying or help with your homework.

Support documents including lab activities and instructional guides can be found on each individual lab’s page below.  Or you can access all the support docs in one place here.

Already purchased or redeemed a voucher code? Download the labs here.

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