Virtual Physics Labs

Former KET physics teacher Chuck Duncan, who taught high school and college physics for 36 years, initially developed the labs to accompany his online physics courses. Although the labs were an integral part of those courses, their usefulness for physics instruction in brick-and-mortar schools led KET to offer them as stand-alone resources.  They have since been used in high schools and universities around the world by thousands of students and teachers.

The labs were built with help from three young programmers, Nathan Pinney, Brian Vincent, and Tim Martin, all of whom graduated in physics from the University of Kentucky.


Kentucky Educational Television (KET), founded in 1968, is Kentucky’s statewide public television network. From the beginning, KET has worked to meet the needs of PreK-20 students and teachers, both in Kentucky and nationwide.

KET’s distance learning program began in 1989, with the debut of two courses: Probability and Statistics and Physics. The program continued to grow and eventually offered AP® Physics B and Honors Physics, as well as many foreign language courses until it was discontinued in 2018.

During teacher Chuck Duncan’s time as a distance learning physics teacher at KET, the AP® Physics B students scores were well above the national average, with most receiving either a 4 or a 5.  Duncan attributed their success in part to the integration of the Virtual Physics Labs into his course.

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