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If you’re new to our labs:

Welcome!  We offer downloadable Virtual Physics Labs for teachers and students to use however they see fit.  Many choose to use them for in class demonstrations, for pre-lab work, for studying, or for total lab replacement – especially with online or distance learning classes.  We’ve tried our best to make our labs mimic the real equipment as much as possible, while also adding improvements and some bonuses that would otherwise be impossible in a real lab setting.

You can purchase our labs individually or in discounted bundles. Our labs come with suggested lab activities and instrutional guides.  And you can always create your own lab assignments to use with your class, or just use the labs freeform for studying or help with your homework.  Teachers and school admins can also purchase the labs for their classes, and we will provide license codes for your students to be able to download the labs on their own computers.

Returning users – what’s all this?

Welcome back!  Things have changed a bit around here.  We have operated the same way for almost a decade, but technology is changing and therefore so must we.  Our labs were originally written for in-browser Flash players and these players will no longer be supported by the major browsers in the coming months.  So we’ve re-invented ourselves and now offer our labs as downloadable desktop applications.  We are no longer doing subscriptions, but instead we are offering the labs as downloads.

This means that for the first time ever the labs are available individually as well as in discounted bundles.  It also means that once downloaded, an internet connection will not be required to use the labs.  Bottom line: Things work a little bit differently, but in the end teachers and students alike still get to use our Virtual Physics Labs!